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Puzzle FAQ

Greetings Anonymous Brick Crew, this page outlines a few guidelines about our puzzles:  

  • We will be running puzzles with each minifig launch and also randomly throughout the year.
  • The puzzle could take place on our website, through our social media, or even with products you have purchased.
  • While some puzzles might be the same, some also might be very different.  Some riddles might be hard to solve and some might be simple to solve. This is our way of keeping the Anonymous Brick Crew on their toes.
  • These puzzles are designed to be fun and entertaining. Many people will attempt to solve our puzzles, but only a few will be rewarded for solving it. If you didn’t win this time, there will be more chances during a future release!
  • All of our puzzles answers will take you directly to the page to claim your prize.
  • Our prizes have limited quantiles and once they are gone they could be forever archived.    
Thank you for participating and good luck in solving the our puzzles. Anonymous Brick also rewards loyal crew members. The most loyal members of the Anonymous Brick Crew might notice some items in our store change as they become more faithful.  Good luck. 
We are Anonymous Brick. Collect Us.